The Tt eSPORTS SHOCK ONE gaming headset takes the already popular SHOCK series of headsets and offers you the next level in gaming immersion, via DTS 5.1 virtual surround sound capabilities. Maintaining the comfort and quality the SHOCK series are already known for.

USD $99.99


Beastly surround sound.

DTS-Certified 5.1 digital surround sound ensures you never miss any of the action.

Comfortable design.

Changeable square-like ear cups and an adjustable headband make the SHOCK ONE one of the most comfortable headsets on the market.

Take it on-the-go.

A foldable design allows you to pack down the SHOCK ONE headset for travel or storage purposes.

Foldable microphone.

Tuck away your microphone when you aren’t barking orders at your teammates or trash-talking your enemies.

Control with ease.

In-line volume control allows you to adjust your microphone and headphone mute status, as well as adjust your preferred volume.









Driver Unit (mm)


DTS Certified



Virtual 5.1 Channel

Frequency Response

20Hz ~ 20 KHz

Cable Length

3 meters

USB Connector


3.5 mm Gold Plug


Plug&Play Microphone


External In-Line Controller


Mic Directivity


Mic Noise Cancelling


Mic Sensitivity

-45 ± 3dB

Mic Frequency

100Hz ~ 10 KHz

Mic Impedance

2.2k ohm

Other Features

- Innovative Noise Cancelling Microphone
- Enhanced Bass Performance
- Replaceable Ear Pads
- Gaming Application for Gamer


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